You can check availability and book our rooms via Airbnb :
>>Spyder Room
>>Boomerang Room

To get lowest prices (up to 10% discount), you can book directly with us.
1. Check availability
2. Email or whatsapp us (no of guests and date) and we will send you a quote and our banking details
3. Bank-in the fee and we will block off your chosen dates
** For guests without a local bank account, we hope to give you a solution soon:)


The programs in Xperiences are open to day trippers and staying guests.

To book a place please copy and fill the message below and send it to us:
1. Name of Xperience program you are interested in:
2. Your chosen date:
3. The number of pax attending:

We will reply with a quote and banking details.
*To secure a place, participants will need to bank -in (full) the appropriate fee.*

If you have already booked our room and are interested in our Xperiences, contact us and let us know.  For staying guests we accept cash only and can pay on site.

Event Space

To book our Event space and to discuss event ideas and food options for catering, please contact us.

Contact Details:

Whatsapp Nikt Wong: +60-163586115
Whatsapp Suze Q: +60-172551862